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Eero Pro + Beacon; Our Top Rated Solution To Improve Your Home's WiFi and Network Reliability

Do you experience dead spots, signal drops, lack of bandwidth, sluggish or intermittent service? Are the kids watching videos, snap chatting, and playing video games simultaneously? With all the household items and devices that utilize the internet, having a robust home network is more important than ever.

Fortunately in most cases you can improve your home's Wi-Fi and network reliability. One of our top rated solutions which has already brought seamless Wi-Fi coverage to many of our client's homes is eero. With minimal set-up by Jeff; you can enjoy enhanced security, control, and coverage of your home's Wi-Fi.

A Better Way to WiFi

  • Quickly and simply replaces your router; automatically creating a wireless mesh network.

  • Eero constantly finds the best route for your network traffic and intelligently switches a device's connection to always ensure fast, reliable connection without you even noticing.

  • Monthly updates and automatic security updates that adhere to the strictest safety standards.

  • Easy to use app that allows you to setup guest networks, create profiles, and set schedules or pause the internet on kid's devices. (High five!)

  • Designed for the home in mind. Elegant, compact design that can be placed in the open for optimal performance.

  • Easily customized and expanded; covers any home of any size or shape.

  • Whether you are into music, videos, gaming or all of the above eero can handle it. You can stream whatever, however you want, wherever you want.


Ambience Home Technology is a certified eero Pro. Contact Us Today for a free in home evaluation and recommendation. 616-644-8008 or

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