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Sonos Wireless Audio - enjoy wireless audio on it's own or part of a smart home system.

We love offering solutions to our clients that make their home technology easy to use. We offer a wide variety of wireless audio options including Sonos, Yamaha MusicCast, Naim Audio, and Crestron streaming servers. Sonos can be a stand-alone audio system or one part of a whole house audio/video system. Here is a quick overview of the Sonos products available through Ambience Home Technology.



The Play 1, Play 3, and Play 5 speakers from Sonos are wireless speakers of different sizes for different sized rooms. They are perfect for adding just audio to a room. You can use one speaker or pair two of the same model for even better sound. Although these are wireless speakers they still require power so you have to make sure you have a power source nearby.

Play1 speakers from Sonos can also be used in a surround sound configuration with other Sonos speakers. For example: the Sonos sound bar is used for the front and center speakers, two Play1 speakers are used for rear surround , add a Sonos sub for the .1 in 5.1.

Sonos Soundbar & Sonos Sub


Crestron touch screen control with Sonos built in


One of the really cool things about Sonos speakers is the ability to make them part of a smart home system. The new SonosOne has Amazon Alexa built in so you can control your music from an app or with your voice. Sonos has also paired up with Crestron - our go to solution for smart home and home control. The Sonos app is available right on your Crestron touchpanel making control even easier. A smart home system allows you to control multiple systems (audio, lighting, shades, locks, security, etc.) from one central control system. You access all this from any device you choose. Here is an example of Sonos on a Crestron touchpanel.

There are lots of ways Sonos speakers can be configured and that is where we come in. We can help design the right mix of speakers for you and recommend ways to integrate your audio system with a whole house control system.

For more information on Crestron Pyng control systems visit this blog post.

We carry the full line of Sonos products including; Sonos Streaming Music players, Sonos One, Play1, Play3, Play5, Playbar, Playbase, Sub, Boost wireless streaming network device, and Playbar wall mount kit. Our prices are the same as if you purchase online or at a big box store only with better advise and design!

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